Yu Jidaisho
Doublebass Player , Artist , Composer , Sound Producer , Videographer
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地代所悠はコントラバス奏者として多種多様なアーティストのサポートやレコーディングに参加、ソロでのリリースと活動をしながら2020年3月には自身初の短編映画「何者でもない、」を発表、サウンドトラック「SOMEWHERE NOT HERE」を同時リリース。EnsembleFOVE,ぱんだウインドオーケストラのメンバーとしても注目を集める。クリエイティブチームsa-juを主宰。
Yu Jidaisho is an artist based in Japan. As a double bass player, he has supported and recorded for a wide variety of artists, and while working on his solo releases, he released his first short film, "NANIMONODEMONAI," in March 2020, and simultaneously released the soundtrack, "SOMEWHERE NOT HERE. He has also attracted attention as a member of EnsembleFOVE and Panda Wind Orchestra. He is the leader of the creative team sa-ju.
地代所悠是日本的艺术家。作为低音提琴演奏家,他为众多艺人提供支持和录音,在致力于个人发行的同时,于2020年3月发行了第一部短片《NANIMONODEMONAI》,并同步发行了原声带《SOMEWHERE NOT HERE》。此外,他还作为EnsembleFOVE和熊猫管弦乐团的成员受到关注。他是创作团队sa-ju的负责人。
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